1. ckpager's Avatar
    Hi. I'm thinking of buying a Galaxy S4 mini. My most important and essential app is FastWiki:

    When I previously tried a Samsung phone, due to its unusual naming convention for the ext SD card folder ("extSdCard" instead of the usual "sdcard"), the Fastwiki app (internal memory) could not find the wikipedia data files (11GB - on external SD card).

    I understand the recent update has helped to store apps on the external SD card, but does anyone know if I can now use Fastwiki on the S4?
    (Fastwiki asks you to manually select the folder containing data files, and when I previously tried, extSdCard did not appear as an option).

    Thanks if you've been able to make this work!
    (FastWiki appears to have gone dormant and no response from asking them directly)
    (none of my friends own an S4, otherwise I'd just borrow their phone and test out the small app myself)

    06-11-2014 02:48 PM
  2. ckpager's Avatar
    Would anyone who owns a Galaxy S4 with latest OS be willing - please! - to download this very small (312kb) & free app and tell me if you are able to select "extSDCard" when the app asks you to select the folder containing data files? I would only take a couple minutes and I'd greatly appreciate it as my purchase of an S4 depends on being able to get this app to run on external SD data files. THANK YOU!
    06-21-2014 01:10 PM

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