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    Any experience with using an external GPS for the S4 Mini?

    I will already have the DeLorme inReach Explorer with me for emergency communication purposes (when outside of cell range).

    If I can use the inReach's GPS signal with the Backcountry Navigator app instead of the S4 Mini's own GPS chip, then I will save battery power (check out this test here: Why Use An External Bluetooth GPS Receiver With An Android Phone? | AndroGeoid) as well as have a somewhat more reliable gps sat lock.

    My S4 Mini's Earthmate app from DeLorme uses the inReach's GPS position, but unfortunately the app doesn't offer any navigational functions. I've heard that iOS apps automatically can use the inReach's signal, but unfortunately that isn't the case for Android. (Of the various Android mapping apps, Orux can use an external GPS, yet still requires enabling the phone’s Location, thereby not saving any battery power.)

    I learned that Android phones can indeed be set up to use an external GPS by going into Settings / About Phone, scrolling down to Build Number to tap it 7x (really!), then select Allow mock locations.

    The Google Play Store has four different apps (three free and one with free trial and then $2.82), with details listed below.

    Unfortunately, when I tried each app, although each device reported that it was connected to the other, somehow the GPS data was never transmitted (whether as shown in the connection app or in Backcountry Navigator).

    The problem could very well be on the inReach end, but any ideas as to whether I'm missing something on the S4 Mini end?

    The not-very-imaginatively named Bluetooth GPS:
    The equally unimaginatively named Bluetooth GPS Provider (with a counterintuitive red icon):
    The identically named Bluetooth GPS Provider (with blue icon):
    The more distinctively named Bluetooth GPS Mouse (trial version, then $2.82 charge):
    07-01-2014 04:32 PM

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