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    Since my phone was updated to Kitkat 4.4.2 some weird behavior has been going on. Some apps were broken, even the Google Mail and Play store apps would not work. I also noticed that everything was a hair slower than before, press the home button when the screen was off and it took noticeably longer to pop up. Take the phone away from my ear to end the call, the screen took an extra half second to light up.

    Finally just did a complete power down, removed the battery for 30 seconds, restarted it. Now everything seems as snappy as before. Apps all seem to work ok.

    However, My Data Manager now does not give me the breakdown of what has been using bandwidth. It all is lumped under "OS services". Like today, I apparently used 30 MB of OS services, but no email or anything else. Went back through the history, same for every day all the way back to June 25th- the day the OS update occurred. Before that, it shows me the breakdown of what programs used how much.

    I thought it might be My Data Manager not playing well with the new OS, so I updated to the newest version. Still no data breakdown (and I do NOT care for the newest version of MDM).

    Any ideas?
    07-13-2014 01:22 AM

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