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    I am trying to buy a smartphone for my husband. I have narrowed it down to and S4 Mini model # 9195. I found on eBay someone selling this specific model: GT-I9195ZKAPHE

    What I'm trying to determine is what does ZKAPHE mean. Some of the 9195 frequencies are "region dependent" and I suspect these letters tell us. But darned if I can find anywhere where they are explained.

    I found a UK samsung site that says ZKABTU and another Samsung world site that says ZPABG (Greek, maybe?) and ZKADBT seems to be being sold from Germany.

    When I google 9195ZKAPHE, I get sites in Spain.

    Anyone deciphered any of these letters? Or have a Samsung link that discusses them?

    Thanks in advance...
    09-29-2014 07:51 PM
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    Those letters specify baseband build version. Here's a screenshot from my S4 Mini:
    What do the letters after the model number mean?-s4model.png

    Like you, I research'd an eBay offer before buying. Found out mine is the version set up for certain Central American countries. More importantly, found out it's carrier unlock'd and not carrier restrict'd the way some versions are. Info is not easy to uncover, but the following link is a good starting point. Note that it may be possible to flash a different baseband build by downloading the desired firmware from here:

    Firmware archive | Samsung Updates
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    09-30-2014 08:05 PM

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