1. happyclembo1971's Avatar

    There are some photo files on my s4 mini which I can't delete from GALLERY.

    I've have deleted them in PHOTOS app but they still exist in GALLERY app.

    They aren't photos I've taken and they are stored on the phone memory not on the micro sd card.

    Can anyone suggest a way of deleting them permanently.

    09-30-2014 02:09 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! When you click on them, does a full sized version come up? Or is it just the thumbnail you're seeing? Do they look like they might be associated with an app or website?

    Try going to the App Manager, select Gallery, and tap Clear Cache/Clear Data, then Force Stop. Now open Gallery again, wait a few seconds for the database to rebuild, and see if the photos are still there. If they go away at first, but then reappear later, it may be from an app that you use, or from a website whose images the browser is caching.
    09-30-2014 05:49 PM

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