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    After installing a samsung update my phone's battery has started draining around twice as fast as it used to.

    I have tried a factory reset, deleted cache, disabled all the google apps and samsung apps that I don't use, but nothing has made a difference. I have taken out the SD card because that now makes the battery drain even more dramatically.

    I have the minimum apps installed now which I need for day to day use (whatsapp, facebook, google apps I use for work - gmail, calander, docs, my bank's app, chrome, the guardian etc.). Some screen shots are below from GSam app. I have also install 'service killer' and set it to kill google apps and bluetooth (which I don't have on but seems to need stopping every now and then).

    Any other ideas of how to get back to my previous, normal battery life would be appreciated! Battery drain after samsung update-screenshot_2014-11-18-12-56-02.pngBattery drain after samsung update-screenshot_2014-11-18-21-21-20.pngBattery drain after samsung update-screenshot_2014-11-18-21-21-42.pngBattery drain after samsung update-screenshot_2014-11-18-21-21-50.pngBattery drain after samsung update-screenshot_2014-11-18-21-21-57.pngBattery drain after samsung update-screenshot_2014-11-18-22-01-27.png
    11-18-2014 05:24 PM
  2. Francesca Rhodes's Avatar
    It's a samsung s4 mini and running 4.2.2 (and says there are no updates available - in the UK)
    11-18-2014 05:40 PM

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