1. mishka101's Avatar
    I've just bought an S4 Mini for my mother: at first she managed to send me a test text message without a hitch, but since I replied to that text with a photo MMS her messaging app has refused to work. It didn't register the MMS as an incoming message so I sent another basic SMS which did register, then when we tried to open it, it force closed the message app altogether. Now she can't even compose a message without the app force closing.

    I performed a factory reset, which restarted the phone with the original Italian language setting (the phone was purchased through Kogan, so I'm not surprised the language setting was odd). Once the phone was reset in 'easy mode', the app still force closed as soon as I tried to compose a message. I went to update the software after he factory reset, it was up to date (running 4.4.2)?

    I'm not sure what else I should do? Messaging is crucial for her because she's hearing impaired, so I'm hoping to sort this out quickly.
    12-30-2014 05:36 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The first two words of your title define the answer. A brand new device doesn't work? Have it replaced. Any device that has a replacement warranty - and cellphones do.
    12-30-2014 05:58 AM
  3. mishka101's Avatar
    I think you're right, that seems to be the best option. What a shame! Still, at least we're definitely within the warranty period.
    12-30-2014 04:54 PM

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