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    I did some searching, and mostly found people with the opposite problem that I have. I have tried messing with settings suggested in those threads, to no avail.

    My issue is that my alarm (using the stock alarm widget) goes off even when the phone is set to silent. I do have blocking mode set during the night time and morning, and intentionally have the alarms go off during that time, since I need to wake up. That works fine.

    However, when I drop down the notifications bar, and change the volume from sound, to vibrate, to mute via the standard tapping order, I expect that this will make everything go completely silent. It works for calls, text, and other notifications (although I still get mini vibrations for some reason, but I don't hear anything and they're a split second long so it's ok).

    It wasn't until I had turned the phone to silent mode this way during a movie, when I happened to have an alarm set for, that I discovered that it does not work for alarms (fortunately my pocket managed to muffle the phone reasonably well in the theater - still embarrassing!).

    I did try changing the phone to silent mode, and then going into the volume settings and making sure all 4 items (ringtone, media, notifications, and system) were at the lowest zero setting. I did this also via the volume buttons, not just the notifications bar. I set an alarm for a minute later, and it went off, with sound blaring. How do I stop this from happening? I know I can turn the alarms in question off while I need the phone quiet, but if I forget, I'm out of luck.
    03-13-2015 11:27 PM

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