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    Screen stays black always
    Vibrates once when I take the battery in and out and press the power button

    Connect phone to PC with battery out it makes the upbeat tone followed by downbeat tone repeated every 5 seconds continually
    Replace battery whilst still connected - phone vibrates once / PC stops making downbeat tone and does nothing else
    Press and hold power button whilst still connected - PC makes down beat tone and phone vibrates once

    Disconnect phone from PC - nothing from PC or phone
    Press and hold power button - nothing
    Remove battery then replace battery - nothing
    Press and hold power button - phone vibrates once

    History - was working normally 3 days ago
    Was locked to t-mobile/EE
    Prior to that I had requested an unlock code from EE which I received and entered
    Tried a Giffgaf SIM in it and it showed Giffgaff
    Put the t-mobile SIM back in and it carried on as before
    6 hours later notification windows just started flashing up on the screen that various apps that weren't running were, I think, not responding or crashed (don't remember exactly what it said now)
    So I kept clicking OK to them
    After about 6 appeared, it rebooted the phone
    It came back on as normal and then more notification windows started coming, so I rebooted again
    The next time I was bombarded with notification windows, so I rebooted again and then it froze and switched off at the logo screen during boot up
    It did that same thing twice more and since then the screen has remained black ever since

    Been fiddling with trying to switch it on ever since and reading numerous web pages trying to find something that will help
    Tried banging it and holding down power/home and volume
    I can send it in for repair through the EE shop but I want to try and retrieve the photos and notes etc. off of it first, hence my efforts

    So, anyone got any suggestions?
    Thank you
    03-29-2015 08:42 AM

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