1. kevinv63's Avatar
    Hi, I had rooted my S4 Mini last month, using towelroot, following the YouTube video, "How To Root A Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (Verizon)"

    That had worked successfully.

    But then Verizon issued an OTA update from March 30th 2015.

    Consequently my phone was then unrooted. When I tried to root it again using towelroot again, this time towelroot does not work. Towelroot says "This phone isn't currently supported".

    Any idea of another way I can root my phone now?

    Thank you
    04-16-2015 06:20 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Offhand, I don't know of a way. Verizon has been known in the past to lock the bootloader to prevent rooting. Until developers can find a way around it, there may not be a way.
    09-07-2015 11:29 AM

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