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    So I had a samsung S4 mini for a while, the micro SD worked perfect and then one day my phone said 'the micro sd is empty'.. So I tried getting my micro sd card out of the phone and putted it back in, still the same problem. I formatted the micro sd, but then I wanst able to put something back on it. My computer didn't recognise the micro sd eighter when I tried it on my computer. So.. I had another micro sd cards around (smaller ones, but still). I plugged them in to my pc, my pc recognazed the micro sd cards, put my music on it, puttet the other micro sd in my phone and my phone still said 'empty micro sd' -_-'. I thought it was my phone and I just let it be, listening mucic on my old Ipod.
    Yesterday I went to get another phone, a samsung ace 4, so... I've putted the micro sd in the new phone.. guess what: 'micro sd is empty'. So I plugged it back into my pc, my pc recognises the micro sd, I formatted the micro sd with my PC and put my music on it so could conect my phone to my dad's car with bluetooth (have USB with music in my car, but when I drive his car I have to use my phone for music). I've putted my micro sd back in my new phone and.... still... my phose said 'micro sd is empty.
    So, it's different micro sd cards AND different phones. All micro sd's can't be broken (especially when my PC recognises them), neighter can it be both phones, right?
    What to do now?
    06-17-2015 08:24 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central!

    Reformat the card using the phone, verify the phone sees the card and its contents. Hook your phone to your PC and move the files to the card. See if that works..
    06-19-2015 03:53 PM

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