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    I posted a comment in a similar thread in the S3 group... been going on since new... I have turned off all motion, I close apps all the time, nothing remains open... I will text a phone number with a message. Put the phone down onto a desk, walk away and "watch the lousy thing" dial that person a few minutes later!
    I am disgusted... I literally have to 'wait' for it to dial (and it will dial EVEN without the prior text however that is not too common) and then quickly close the call down.
    I Have told the individuals that I often "text" to ignore any incoming phone call from me "if" they have recently rec'd a text message!

    Any ideas are thankfully received... any such experiences? Ways around... it is a Verizon Samsung Gal Mini-4 with iOS 4.x
    Thanks very much
    08-11-2015 08:46 AM

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