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    Has anyone been able to get SWM working with the GS4?
    I have USB Debugging on, Kies is installed so the drivers are there, .NET 4 has been on for quite some time. No device listed in the SWM Troubleshooting, and install APK shows device not found error.

    I did read that in order to get the right drivers to take, you have to get your phone into a not Mass Storage mode. Where is the option for this? I see MTP and Camera (PTP) modes for USB, but I dont see any other options.

    I'm coming from iphone from the easy jailbreak methods, so please bear with me while I adjust....

    Update: I did find some Asus USB drivers installed. I went ahead and uninstalled all drivers and apps from my Asus tablet and the GS4. I then reinstalled the GS4 drivers and I did see it added an ADB driver. the SWM software though still does not see the device. I think it has to do with the mode my device is in, but I cannot find anywhere that I can change this mode other than between MTP and PTP.

    Update 2: I downloaded the Android SDK. I ran "adb devices" and it was showing offline. I found that I had to accept security warning on my phone. I accepted that and set it to always accept from my pc. Ok so now Android SDK can see my device, but when I ran SWM, it still wouldnt show it. Going to reboot again and see if that will help it out, maybe switch it to another USB port as well.
    05-17-2013 05:09 PM

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