1. odischeese's Avatar
    This is an At&t version(SAMSUNG-SGH-I337)
    I've rooted my s4 earlier before this happen but it's just weird..
    I turn off my phone to reboot it and it always went into recovery mode.
    So I said **** it and wiped the data and cache, thankfully it booted up(data wiped though...)
    I decide to test to see if this was a "factory" reset, so I turned it off, turned it back and bull****.
    It kept going into recovery mode"(not clockwork recovery mode,android recovery mode), so I came to three conclusions.
    1. Wipe the data and cache, actually use the phone and back it constantly.
    2. Don't wipe the data and not have a phone if the battery died or the phone turns off.
    3. Never turn off the phone or let the battery die for the next year or two.
    I'm deciding if I should just wipe the data and cache and install the stock rom( if I could find one....)
    I don't think it's a soft brick too,but that's my say
    Though is there a way to get rid of this recovery issue?
    05-23-2013 03:26 AM

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