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    I thought I'd share my experience in unrooting my AT&T Galaxy S4 to maybe help someone else out. I originally ordered the 16 GB model, and I had no idea the 32 GB was even coming anytime soon. Well, the 32 GB was released (just outside my return window). AT&T was decent enough to let me swap it out for the 32 GB model, considering I'd been with them for 13 years.

    Anyway, I had rooted the phone to use the "Multi Window Manager" app in Google Play, so I could add otherwise non-native apps to the multi window feature on the S4. The "generic" unroot method I found on the Internet did not work for me. The method on "galaxys4root.com" didn't work either. So, I eventually found this:

    [GUIDE] How to Root & Remove Unlock Icon & Unroot the Samsung Galaxy S4 VIDEO - xda-developers, which basically takes you here:

    How to Root & Remove Unlock Icon & Unroot the Samsung Galaxy S4 - Android Techy

    The key is to reboot twice. I think that may have been my problem all along. Anyway, it removed the "Custom" icon and I went back to stock and returned the phone. Hope it helps.
    05-24-2013 09:01 AM

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