1. Brian Williams7's Avatar
    I couldnt find a category specific to customization so Im posting here.

    Ive been experimenting with some custom launchers and have had some really poor framerates when swiping from screen to screen on a couple of different launchers, adw and nova specifically. It seems to be inconsistent as occasionally transitions will be smooth at times but most of the time frames will just drag.
    I have tried 4 launchers in total just for the sake of experiment, the other 2 being touch wiz of course and go launcher. Neither one of these exhibit any serious framerate issues, go launcher screen transitions were buttery smooth.
    Reading through several pages of comments of the adw and nova launcher google play pages it seems no one else appears to be having these issues.
    Im feeling as if I must be missing something obvious here because obviously these launchers shouldnt be behaving this way especially on a phone this fast.

    Also Im waiting for simpler root method for the verizon gs4 variant, hope to see that soon!

    Any help is appreciated thx!

    Also Im wa
    05-28-2013 12:13 AM
  2. skydeaner's Avatar
    One thing you can try is entering developer mode, clicking on developer options, and make sure "Disable hardware overlays" and "Force GPU rendering" is checked. I have no problems with any of the launchers, from Next 3d to Gina or whatever that girl named one is lol. But I always end up going back to ADW eventually.
    05-29-2013 05:58 AM

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