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    Hey guys, so I will be getting a S4 from AT&T in about a month and I am very excited about the prospect of being able to root it. This being said I have done a good amount of research and reading on this topic and what I have found is a whole lot of conflicting information. Some methods claim to be "one-click" that will root the device safely but does not install any custom recovery. I have read in places that there is no way to unlock the bootloader on the s4 yet and therefore no custom recoveries can be installed. However there are youtube videos showing different ways of doing that. I am just confused and would like to know if there is a single good way to do this. I am only asking because it seems to me that there are a lot of different variants on the way this can be done and I just would like a single one that will work. I mainly want to use root for tethering and overclocking but flashing roms and kernels for battery life sound good too. Any help on this would be appreciated as I do not want to brick my brand new phone when I get it.
    06-05-2013 02:17 PM
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    I used this method to root my AT&T Galaxy S4:


    You can't unlock the boot loader, but you can bypass it and run software to make the phone think it's unlocked. The instructions for doing this are on the same website.

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    06-05-2013 09:33 PM
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    Youtube qbking77 or go to his website he has all the info you'll ever need with how to videos of everything
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    06-06-2013 01:02 PM
  4. bhp090808's Avatar
    06-18-2013 07:54 PM
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    I have successfully used CWM, TWRP, and CF-Auto-Root on the post-May 7 OTA UVUAMDL build (T-Mobile version)

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    06-19-2013 12:19 AM

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