1. TCaRRtel's Avatar
    OK so my GS4 is rooted with a stock ROM and TWRP recovery. Two problems I am seeing that really **** me off are:

    1) Every time I soft reset my device, it clears my default app settings. You know like how you click a Youtube link on the internet and it takes you directly to the internet app? Anyways, I can't get it to remember my settings just specifically for THAT feature

    2) I have a Samsung Update available and it annoys the crap out of me about it in the notifications bar. Now it's to my understanding that if I do the update my root will be gone but leaving it in the notifications is annoying too. So I go to try and accept the update but the process just stalls when it says it's going to update and install.

    If you know how to solve either of these issues please help me.

    Thanks in Advance.
    07-06-2013 12:41 AM
  2. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    1. I don't know what might be causing the first problem. Did it do this before you rooted?

    2. Applying a Samsung update shouldn't affect your root. This just updates Samsung applications, not the ROM. A ROM update will come from your carrier, not Samsung.
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    07-06-2013 03:49 PM
  3. TCaRRtel's Avatar
    1.) No my device didn't originally do that. Just happened after root.

    2.) Okay I get the update thing but it still won't install.

    Idk. Thanks for the help though
    07-25-2013 11:02 AM

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