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    This is the first time I've tried a launcher and after installing Nova, uninstalling it because I got stuck, installing Apex, uninstalling it because it wasn't nearly as good as Nova, I'm back to wanting to get everything I can from Nova and hopefully avoid rooting my phone.

    I think I have most things figured out by now. But I don't understand the purpose/function of the app drawer. Why would one want to hide apps? Is it only because it's more junk to scroll through, or does it perform some other function? The first time I installed Nova I ended up with all my apps hidden and couldn't find a way to un-hide them except uninstall and go back to Touch Wiz I eventually re-installed Nova, it's working well and...

    I'm again ready to approach the app drawer and I want to understand its value(s) and functions before I do. I've looked for detailed tutorials on You Tube and on Nova's site, but no success.

    Would greatly appreciate a detailed description of using the app drawer, setting it up correctly, and the reasons for doing so. If anyone could do this for me, I'd really appreciate it. I don't think you have to be using Nova as most of the launchers I looked at had similar statements about their app drawers.

    BTW - I looked a long time for a way to actually label my screens so that I could stay organized and find things easily. Found a pretty nice program on Google Play called Memo Widget (free) - the one made by Widget Factory.

    Would really appreciate some help on this as I would like to use Nova as fully as possible. I do think it is a lot faster than Touch Wiz and I love the ability to size and change the look of icons.

    08-16-2013 12:52 AM
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    The app drawer basically holds all the shortcuts to your apps in one place for easy access.
    You can, dependant on launcher, reorder them based on ABC, most used, latest installed ect...
    At the top you'll see labels for apps and widgets.
    Now the drawer can get cluttered and some like to organize it. You can hide icons that you know you won't use if you want, does not delete the app, just hides the shortcut. You can also unhide them.
    With nova I believe you can add extra label screens, so you can have apps, widgets, games, stuff I don't use, ect..
    Or you can make folders in the drawer to put 'like' apps in and declutter that way.
    Maybe all this is only available in paid version Idk.
    I like Buzz launcher, it's free and has everything from paid nova that I use including app drawer folders and options.
    If you don't want to have a 3rd party launcher and want a different app drawer you can download an app like Organized Drawer from the playstore, so you can still customize your app drawer but remain on touchwiz launcher.
    Hope some of this helps you.

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    08-16-2013 08:36 AM
  3. droidlouise's Avatar
    Thank you very much. This helps me conceptually.

    I would like to hide the apps I know I'll never ever use just so I don't have to see them or get annoyed by them but that is how I ended up hiding all my apps! So, if someone who uses Nova could provide a step by step on hiding just a few apps and leaving the rest in an alphabetical list, would be much appreciated. I know there's a check box to the right of each app, but after checking, what happens - that's how I hid all my apps when I'd only checked a few.

    I am using the paid version of Nova.

    08-16-2013 09:11 AM
  4. HPferoxCraft's Avatar
    If you're in the app drawer, up in top left corner tap the App label and choose configure. That should bring up the hidden app page. Just tic the boxes of the ones you want to hide and hit the back button. Try it one by one to make sure if you want.
    That should work for you, I just loaded nova prime back on my phone and did it to make sure.

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    08-16-2013 01:51 PM

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