1. cam_guy's Avatar

    I'm new here, and also new to android. I'm trying to learn about rooting, flash rom...what's else. So, what I want to know about these two screen (two phone) when I press volumn up + Home + Power button. What do they meaning?


    What do these two screen meaning???-s1.jpgWhat do these two screen meaning???-s3.jpg
    09-14-2013 01:33 AM
  2. jeffreii's Avatar
    Those are your recovery screens...looks like 2 different recoveries. From there you can perform a lot of advanced tasks...

    Honestly you should know the answer to that question BEFORE you flash custom software onto your phone...you can read the link in my signature for more info, though you're not AT&T so the links/tools/roms won't apply to you...but the general info does.
    09-14-2013 06:31 AM
  3. cam_guy's Avatar
    Thanks for your help.
    09-14-2013 08:39 PM

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