1. Adam Ross's Avatar
    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and made the switch to the s4 just wondering someone could point me in the direction of and if I can root the Galaxy S4 for Verizon I just ordered the phone it will be here tom... Now it most likely will have the newest updates and such. I am willing to make a donation via paypal if someone can pm me and maybe have a chat to me I have not been with android since the droid x been a while...

    I am grateful for the help

    thanks NEW Verizon Galaxy S4-pic-1.jpg


    this is my firmware and such???
    09-18-2013 09:56 PM
  2. Cayderayd's Avatar
    Not my phone and I'm not rooted yet. But I know the place to go is the xda developers. Have you checked there?
    09-18-2013 10:45 PM
  3. Realsis77's Avatar
    Hi there. I'm rooted and yes xda is the place that will help you. Go to forums then find your carrier specific device then go to Android development. You should find what you need in your carrier specific development area. Also you can find help in trouble shoooting
    best wishes
    09-20-2013 09:49 AM

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