1. josephk11's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    I have a korean galaxy s4 LTE-A (SHV E330K). So recently it has been lagging and getting hot so I dedided to try to root it.
    Being the noob that I am, I downloaded Odin, and the CMW for the i9505. I tried to flash it but it failed.

    Now I cannot use my phone. Whenever I want to turn it on, there is Korean text basically saying Download in progress, do not turn off.
    On the top left, it says :

    Product Nme : SHV-E330K
    Current Binary : Custom
    System Status : Official
    Knox Ke: 0x0
    Knox Warranty Void : 0X1
    Qualcomm Secureboot : Enable
    RP SWREV : S1, T1, R1, A2, PO
    Write Protection

    I tried to download the stock firmware, but could not find any for my specific model. I downloaded the one for SHV-330S Jelly Bean 4.3.
    However, when I tried to use Odin nothing happens. It just says fail.

    I tried to hold down the volume button + home and power button press down again on the volume button. It boots up only up to my carrier logo.
    Then nothing happens. This was my first try rooting and I do not understand what to do now.

    Need help please. It is urgent.

    Thank you so much, and sorry for being a total noob.
    10-28-2013 03:19 PM
  2. captainhadley's Avatar
    go to samfirmware and find a region free stock firmware ,my phone was australian and german firmware brought it backk to life,other option is go into samsung kies emrmegency recovery,enter your serial number from behind the battery and this might do the trick by recovering the oriiginal firmware that shipped with the phone
    10-29-2013 10:07 AM

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