1. DyslexicTurtle's Avatar
    hello people i really need help
    i have a SGH-i337 at&t galaxy s4 MF3
    my problem is that i tried to load a custom rom on to it and failed (by being a noob) ill tell you what it does...
    i tried to load safestrap didnt work the first time

    worked the 2nd time when i got the latest version

    BTW i have my phone rooted with Kingo root from windows 7

    tried to load a custom rom through safestrap recovery and odin (both failed)

    the rom is a google play edition rom
    if i get it fixed i will and running (with a little help from the fourms)

    what i really want to do is either load kangabean or Cyanogenmod on my phone
    i hate touchwiz thats why
    but the way i think will work if i get some advice is the odin method i have looked at almost every page i could find they didnt have my exact problem FIXED
    i really just want my phone to work again!!!!!
    i would help if yall could possibly give me links to downloads BUT NOT TO OTHER FOURMS THAT DONT HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM
    when i boot my phone i get the Samsung logo with a lock that is unlocked and it says custom
    next it boots to safestrap recovery prompt that says safestrap enabled and it says to either go into safestrap recovery or continue

    i have tried both and done many things but the outcome is that i cant boot into android i have tried to go into download mode and tried the odin pda file with AUTO REBOOT and F. RESET TIME checked and everything else not checked. i really hope yall understood what i was saying and it made sense and that yall can help me
    the odin fail error is nand fail to write or something like that.....................................................PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN.........................................
    DyslexicTurtle (i am a noob to the fourms but i know many things about tech except loading a custom rom on to a phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    11-05-2013 01:04 PM
  2. odischeese's Avatar
    MD5 files for the AT&T MF3 update important to the community! - xda-developers
    You can flash the stock MF3 rom through odin.
    I do Not know if it will delete your files though.
    But this will work for the MF3 since this is one the only roms you can flash thorugh odin if you're on MF3
    11-06-2013 11:04 PM
  3. DyslexicTurtle's Avatar
    thanks I will try this I do not have my phone on me now because it is a brick but I will try that thank you so much and I get another error when I just flash anything

    unsupported dev_type and that's why odin fails I didn't say that in the message because I didn't try every setting on odin
    odin fails to load everything except the bootloader file
    11-07-2013 12:18 PM

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