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    Your device, your responsibility. I am not liable for anything you flash, including this.
    As a result you'll probably want to read the rest of the thread and at least be aware of what you're flashing.
    You've been warned.

    Android Open Source Paranoid Android for SCH-R970C (jfltecri) / SCH-R970X (jfltecsp)
    OFFICIAL 4.3 Base

    This is AOSPA as it is provided in the source repos. I will be keeping it as such.
    Only deviations are to allow it to build properly and are generally from CM repos.
    Any modifications, enhancements, etc. will be brought in and supported through their Gerrit review process.
    (At the moment as I cannot reach their Gerrit I'm doing Github pull requests instead.)



    Latest Build: Official (10/6/2013) - 3.99 RC2 build. CM content has been updated by slick_rick.
    C-Spire Tar/ZIP Mirror: [ROM][OFFICIAL][4.3]AOSPA 3.9x for SCH-R970X (Team SXTP Site)
    Cricket Tar/ZIP Mirror: [ROM][OFFICIAL][4.3]AOSPA 3.9x for SCH-R970C (Team SXTP Site)
    Both contain a kernel and ROM. Latest PA GApps here courtesy Rootzwiki. (Use latest version for 4.3)
    CM Gapps seems to get camera to stop FCing but do so at your own risk.

    Flash Instructions:
    1) Back up your current system and all data if desired.
    2) In your favorite custom recovery, wipe data, cache and dalvik.
    If you want to flash the ZIP version you'll need to format system as well.
    3) TAR - Boot to Odin Mode and flash via Odin.
    ZIP - Flash ZIP in recovery
    4) Flash GApps

    Summary Changelog:
    Test (8/6/13) - First build for jfltecri/jfltecsp based on 4.3


    PA Official Repositories
    CyanogenMod Official Repositories
    Device Dependencies:
    C-Spire GS4 Device Repository
    Cricket GS4 Device Repository

    Early Bringup Advice: Entropy512, Shabbypenguin, Cordell12
    Also a big shout out to Slick_Rick and Ayysir for their efforts!
    If it's working this well, chances are they had a big hand in it!
    Testers: Mohogalore, robbyamor, crawj and others
    Steve Kondik (Cyanogen) for CM development and jf common work
    The CM maintainters who continue to improve CM along with Mr. Kondik
    The crew that is Paranoid Android - Pure Hybrid!
    ...and of course! You, the community, for your support as well! Thank you!
    11-11-2013 04:06 AM
  2. Angela Nelson2's Avatar
    How can you manually r-root the Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH-R970C? I have no SU binary! How can I solve this problem?
    03-12-2014 03:11 AM

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