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    newbie question here but over the past few days I have truly proven myself to be one. I have been working on installing both clockwork mod and TWRP for days now until I just now realized that I couldn't because I am using MF3, after days of frustration and losing all my data all it took was a download of safestrap and now I can finally install custom ROMS. However, the warning screen that showed up when I was about to flash a new rom concerned me. It was basically just reminding me if I flash a rom not compatible with my device it can easily brick. My question is can I use all the normal ROMS available for download online(given that it matches AT&T) without any worries. I wouldn't want to install a ROM not compatible with MF3 and ultimately brick my phone I am just getting used to. I am particularly looking to install the PAC man rom but also want to know if there are any others compatible with MF3.

    thank you
    11-19-2013 01:09 PM

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