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    So I've never rooted a phone before but have jailbroken several iPhone's in the past (from 3G's to 4S's) I have a AT&T Galaxy S4 with the MF3 baseband and l337 model number. I just want a few things answered before I decide to root if anyone could be of assistance. My main reasons for rooting are removing bloatware, Camera, and customization.

    removing bloatware is obvious. but I was curious if there are any camera advantages? like rather than downloading several different cameras from the Google PlayStore can you add features / widgets onto the stock camera app? I know on the iPhone when I jailbroke it I could add certain features to specific app's or the phone's functions. so could I add filters / customizable settings / maybe better touch focus features (I know the camera its self has alot of play but I notice different focusing with different apps too / Macro functions (my note 2 had it but the S4 doesn't and the macro on a few app's works amazing).

    also another thing I was wondering was can I customize the gallery more? such as folders within folders. I have a few folders in my gallery I wish I could make subfolders.
    I also hate the "Emergency Call" button on the home screen and would like to get rid of that if possible as I have called 911 multiple times from my pocket while at work.
    would also like to root to save battery life. something else I noticed was on my old S2 (maybe even my note 2) I could set landscape style photos as my background and it would scroll with it. now I can only set vertical pictures as background.

    and just curious if there are any other widgets you can add to your phone like a flashlight without having to unlock your phone and search through your app's... (i know i could set it up on my iPhone a long time ago to where all i had to do was hold both volume buttons down for 3 seconds and boom). or any other widgets to make things easier.

    I appreciate any help I can get, thank you!
    12-18-2013 04:31 PM
  2. Jimmyz0rz's Avatar
    actually my baseband now is MK2
    12-18-2013 05:14 PM
  3. tech_head's Avatar
    Xposed framework with Wanam.

    You can tweak quite a bit including removing emergency dialing.
    12-20-2013 01:46 PM

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