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    first thread

    so i have an S4 with verizon and rooted it successfully on 4.2 to Hyperdrive 10.1 using Safestrap.
    i was running it for about a week or so and realized i never rebooted it, i tried to last night and got stuck on the download screen.
    i think the reason this happened is because on that "Slot 1" (Hyperdrive) i never installed Safestrap and so i didnt try rebooting
    using the option that is given in SS, instead i tried rebooting into recovery using the menu you get holding the power button.
    is there some sort of simple fix to this seeing as how i have everything done correctly besides the fact that i cant get into SS?
    if i do have to do a wipe and clean stock flash can i get any data i may have on my phone?
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    01-05-2014 03:27 PM

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