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    Hey guys,

    I'm new to the forums so hello there Before I get flamed for posting this I'd like to say that I have looked on this forum and throughout google for my question and I have yet to get a definitive response. I just got a new Galaxy S4, my second phone ever and my first android phone and obviously, I'd like to root it. I've taken a look at the pinned thread in this subforum that gives us a guide for rooting it and it seems pretty simple and straightforward BUT I've seen many people claim that the method didn't work for them once they updated to Android 4.3 or that they had other issues.

    Now I really don't want to mess up my phone since it's still shinning :P That said I'd just like to ask if anyone with an International S4 and on android 4.3 has tried the rooting method pinned to this subforum and succeeded?

    Also, the whole rooting/custom rom business has me a bit confused. My main goals are to be able to install any app on my micro SD card and maybe delete some of the bloatware. Can I do this with just a root or would I need a custom ROM as well? Please let me know.

    02-01-2014 07:46 PM
  2. za8bit's Avatar
    Alright guys, well I did a bit more googling and solved my own problem. Figured I'd share if others find themselves in the same circumstance. Since the motochopper method of rooting seems to be problematic for some users (according to YouTube comments on the video in the pinned thread), you could try the method found at the following link: CLICK ME

    Now do note, the link and tutorial there is for models I9500 and I9505 only that are using Android 4.3. Hope this helps anyone else in the situation. I've successfully rooted with no issues using that tutorial
    02-01-2014 09:30 PM

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