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    I have a rooted Galaxy S4 (Sprint), running the ClockworkMod Recovery. I haven't installed any custom ROM yet (keep getting an error - but that's an issue for another post.) My phone automatically downloaded the latest OTA system update (currently running 4.3 on the phone). I haven't tried to install the new update yet, but wanted to make sure it was okay to do first. Do I need to unroot before installing this update or am I okay because I haven't installed a custom ROM yet?

    Thanks (obviously new to rooting).
    03-12-2014 10:42 AM
  2. zedorda's Avatar
    Don't install an OTA without the original recovery installed. Because the custom recovery will not install the OTA properly. ROM and recovery have to be stock to avoid bricking your device.
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    03-12-2014 10:48 AM
  3. limoman's Avatar
    Thanks for the response. Is there anyway to remove the downloaded OTA update from my phone? If not the actual update, how about the notification in my notification bar?
    03-12-2014 09:51 PM
  4. draconianchaos's Avatar
    There was a thread pertaining to this. If I recall correctly it was in the Moto G forum back around the time the US version was getting KitKat. I don't remember the specifics however.

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    03-12-2014 09:56 PM

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