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    In the beginning of December I finally got my first smartphone from US Cellular -- the Samsung Galaxy S4. I work in IT and I'm a huge computer guy, but I've been falling behind on the smartphone scene (I mean, c'mon, I just got one a few months ago). I got used to having it, rooted it, and everything was working fine. Then I learned that, like computers, smartphones can have different OS's (called ROMs) and can be heavily modded like that.

    Now, I didn't know very much about it so I did some research to find out the best new ROM for beginners... the Ubuntu of smartphones, if you will. I decided to go with Cyanogenmod, and even found that they had a simple installer on their website.

    I installed it this Monday and everything went smoothly. Everything about Cyanogenmod works perfectly... except I can't send/recieve calls or messages. My phone number is now 000-000-0*** (the stars are #'s), my mobile network state is "disconnected" and I'm constantly roaming. I've been searching the web for days trying everything to fix this issue. The most common solution I've seen thus far is to revert the phone back to the original Android ROM it came with. This involves getting the correct drivers (either by yourself or using Kiev), running Odin (the correct version for your phone) and selecting the ~3GB ROM file from Samsungs website for Odin to install on your phone. This doesn't seem too hard -- or so I thought.

    First I searched for the drivers myself, to no avail. It usually isn't too difficult for printers or any other device, but as a beginner in phones I find myself lost trying to find the right drivers. So I decided to use Kiev instead. I tried Kiev 3 first but it said my phone was not supported, so I tried Kiev (the original). But when I opened Kiev and connected my phone, all I got is a continuous "connecting..." but it never connected. I have everything else I need (Odin, the Samsung ROM from their website) but I can't get this done.

    I'm on spring break, and I've been without a working phone for days. I've been snapchatting, tweeting, and facebooking instead of texting or calling, but I can't do it forever. I'm at the end of my line -- I really need an experts help to solve this issue. I appreciate all of your help.
    03-19-2014 03:45 PM
  2. davy4475's Avatar
    Did you go on the Samsung website and download the drivers you need for your phone then kies should recognise it that flash back to stock

    Posted via Android Central App
    03-19-2014 05:40 PM
  3. Chezziwick's Avatar
    I've been having trouble finding the right drivers -- I installed what I thought was right but to no avail.
    03-19-2014 07:14 PM
  4. Chezziwick's Avatar
    I tried using Odin but I ended up getting a Fail! All of the troubleshooting forums use confusing lingo I just can't follow. I just want to revert back to stock so I can use my phone again.

    Can someone please hold my hand, step by step, so I can resolve this? I really need some help. All of the threads are either 2 years old, have dead links, or use really confusing phrasing that I can't understand.
    03-19-2014 10:17 PM
  5. jymbrittain's Avatar
    Did you ever solve this? I had the same issue. I reverted back to stock to no avail. I took the phone to the US Cellualr store and they can NOT activate it. $300 brick
    08-24-2014 04:54 AM

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