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    Hi everyone,
    I need some help I am trying to get the default Samsung music application to index mp3 files that are on a USB OTG drive. When connecting a drive it mounts it in /mnt/Devices/UsbDriveA. For some reason the default music app only indexes what's in the /data/device/0/Music or anything mounted on the sdcard.
    I have tried creating a symlink in the Music folder to the the mounted folder however it does not appear readable partially because anything in /sdcard is a fusion link. However if I browse to /data/device/0/Music/symlink it works
    I have tried a few apps that claim that they can mount the usb drive in other locations (even though it's mounted already)
    folder mount
    stick mount
    But browsing the folder that it's supposed to mount to comes up with nothing.
    If anyone has any ideas or experience with this that would be great, otherwise I may have to switch music apps, I am trying not to as I use samsungs drivelink and it integrates with the default player.
    Any help would be appreciated
    04-16-2014 06:38 AM

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