1. Rhyalus's Avatar
    Hello all,

    On an s4, I had tremendous problems with signal and gps after 4.4.2 update. In an effort to fix this, I rooted the phone and tried a custom rom. This did not fix the problem.

    I then restored the original rom and deleted super user. The phone is back to its original state except that upon boot up, there is an icon center screen that says samsung unlock with a picture of a padlock that is unlocked,

    This then goes away and the phone boots normally.

    Any idea on how to get rid of this?

    I used towel root to get root and loaded super user from the play store. This is a verizon wireless device in the US.

    07-27-2014 08:22 AM
  2. AndroidProf's Avatar
    Yea, the icon appears because you flashed in a custom kernel to your device that wasn't loki patched. You can remove this by using Triangle Away. Oh and it's a paid app on the Play Store so you'll have to spend a little cash. The app basically will reset the counter and the lock icon will appear no more. However, it causes no harm as long as you aren't going for a warranty claim so my advice is to save money and let it be but in the end it's only my opinion
    07-28-2014 12:00 AM

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