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    I have a rooted galaxy S4 on Verizon. The other day verizon updated my phone and I lost my root. Also it is restarting itself at least 10 times a day and often in the middle of calls. So I went by verizon and since I have insurance, they are sending me a new S4 over night.

    I have been using the paid version of Titanium Back Up. Can I restore files on the new phone if it isnt rooted?

    What should / how should I go about backing up text messages and the like?

    I know all my apps will come over to my new device from the play store, but I am worried about data that I have inputted like notes and stuff.

    Finally, is there any type of back up software that will rollback my phone to a given date? I would really like something where I could say all my issues started on the 15 so take my device back to the way it was on the 14th.

    Thanks for any help
    10-25-2014 06:27 PM

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