1. EpsilonS4's Avatar
    Hey guys so I just recently joined to the forums, nice to meet you all.

    The point of my post is to ask for help. For some reason I can't root this Samsung Galaxy S4 I got a few days ago doing the usual method I always use and by that I mean following this guy's tutorial,

    I was able to successfully root 2 Galaxy S4 androids previously with his method but for some reason I keep getting 'FAIL' from Odin with this one.
    Anyone know what the problem is?

    Carrier is At&t
    It is unlocked.
    Model is a SAMSUNG-SGH-I337
    Baseband is I337UCUAMDL

    Thank you
    11-15-2014 04:51 PM
  2. Obsidian Lover's Avatar
    If its running 4.4.4 Thats probably why; i'm having the same issues.
    11-17-2014 02:50 PM

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