1. Aled Lintern-Lyes's Avatar
    Hello everyone

    I bought my S4 used on Ebay and it had been factory reset.
    Speaking to the lady she had never even heard of root access etc but I have a problem.

    Many Apps are saying my phone is rooted (Barclays, Nationwide, Sky Go and even Avast Mobile Security) i'm sure there were others but I can't remember.

    I have downloaded approximately 5-10 root-checker apps where EVERY single one has stated I do not have root access and also looked at many youtube videos on how to check through using ES file explorer etc also they all show no root access.

    After all this I tried downloading Superuser as a final check but it stated I could not install it as no root access so deleted it straight away.

    I had read reports of the banking apps stating root access when there wasn't but I am very suprised that a phone security software app shows root access?

    Is there any DEFINITIVE way to check and/or get these apps to run on my phone?

    01-15-2015 07:42 AM

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