1. hre2stay's Avatar
    The original carrier is three but the phone is unlocked. I know very little of rooting. I only discovered it's rooted as I cannot upgrade the firmware it is enforcing android 4.4.2. I have used root checker and it says Root access Is not properly installed so someone has botched the job clearly. Can anyone advise me what to do and what you need to know to help me restore it back to factory settings. I'd upload the about phone in settings screenshot but unsure of how to do it. Any help is appreciated. It's an GT-I9505
    04-21-2015 07:16 AM
  2. anon(9424572)'s Avatar
    I have a 3 branded S4 unlocked to any network & there's no update available - checking via phone & kies - as mine still shows 4.4.2. I am in the UK.
    06-01-2015 08:21 AM

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