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    I have been trying for the past few days to find a stock ROM for my Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-i9505 in the UK on O2, and hoped someone could point me in the right direction. I've tried stockroms.net, plus a few other sites, including ones that make me wait for 8 hours to do the download. Each one I download is always a corrupt .zip and won't decompress (I've tried using various decompression apps on PC and Mac - none of them like the files).

    I have Cyanogenmod installed on the phone, and would like to remove it for two reasons: I'd like to unlock the phone and I hope that using a stock ROM will make my camera more reliable. So I evidently need to go back to stock to do this.

    I've read that because I have Android 5.0.2 installed, I'd need a 5.x.x version, or would a 4.x.x version work too? I've been trying to download a 5.x.x version, but maybe there are more 4.x.x ROMs out there for me to try.

    Would I be right in guessing that these ROMs are not entirely legit, and pointing to the sites that host them might not be entirely encouraged on this forum?
    04-29-2015 11:51 AM
  2. jamaica168's Avatar
    Did you try sammobile.com? They have all the legit Samsung firmware versions.
    05-09-2015 08:01 AM

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