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    I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with a problem I have, as I think I might have hard bricked my samsung galaxy s4 (i9505)

    I was attempting to install clockwork recovery mod and, following some instructions, I downloaded a zip file called CWM_6.0.4.7_Touch_GT-I9505.zip

    The instructions I had said to not extract the tar file within this zip but to transfer it to the S4 with odin in the compressed format.
    When I first tried to do this I couldnt because odin did not recognise the zip file format. I therefore assumed I needed to transfer across the compressed file and so accessed it directly with odin
    This file was called recovery.img
    the odin transfer worked ok and it indicated pass when it had fininshed

    However when my phone rebooted it presented lots of error messages one after the other saying (app name) has stopped.

    I say ok to all these messages and am left with a blank screen.

    I then tried to reboot the S4 into recovery by holding power up/home and power on but not see the normal recovery screen.
    Instead I see 3 lines of text top left
    1- (in blue)
    2- (in red) recovery is not seanoroid enforcing
    3 - in yellow) set warranty bit : recovery

    I googled error message 2 and it was suggested that when I see the threee messages I should release home and power but keep holding the up button to go into recovery mode, but this does not work.

    I am suspecting that by flashing this file I have overwritten the original recovery files and so wondered if there is any way I can resolve this probelm

    Any help greatly appreciated

    Thank you

    07-20-2015 05:13 AM

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