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    GS4, 5.0.1. On Sprint (SPH-L720)

    The rooting itself was easy, just let KingRoot do it's thing, and after several tries, spaced over the course of maybe a month, yesterday I successfully gained the keys to the kingdom. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a map.

    So I immediately uninstalled a bunch of bloatware and redundant system apps, all using ES file explorer. Of course all the APKS were backed up, along with a file ES created with the APKS original path in /system. So I figured I was fine, and proceeded to uninstall s finder and quick connect (the build.prop edit to remove them from notification tray didn't do it for me: mangled my WiFi icon, ew, nope). I wanted those shortcuts gone, but all uninstalling the apps did was render the shortcuts useless and give me error messages on boot. Changed the permissions to the following with Root Explorer : User - read, write, Group - read, Other - read. I changed the permissions for the parent folder, the apk itself, the odex parent folder, and the odex files themselves. I didn't see the other option, besides R/W, "execute" mentioned anywhere I looked online, so I unchecked those for all (user, group and other). So now the shortcuts are still inactive, but I'm not getting any error messages (ie, unfortunately, s finder/quick connect has stopped). So that's good.

    I think I want to reinstall s finder and quick connect. I guess I can remove them with an xposed module and / or custom rom, but xposed won't install for me (I'm on lollipop, sdk 21, I believe). And as for a custom rom, for that I would need to make a recovery image, right? I don't know how to do that yet. All I've done so far is begun an online nandroid backup, still working as I'm writing this. Wait, now it's completed, good timing! But I'm pretty sure that's not enough to completely restore the system if I screw up the rom installation.

    So what I need to know is: how do I reinstall s finder and quick connect, for now? Also would like some insight on how to get xposed to work on lollipop, I read that it's possible, idk why it's not working for me. Oh, and both Super User and Super SU won't complete installation, post play store. Is this cause I still am KingRoot? Can I safely uninstall it? What exactly do I need a root manager for?

    If you've read this far, thank you, and hopefully anyone who has answers will chime in.

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    11-14-2015 10:22 AM

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