1. Russ Burt's Avatar
    Hoping to get my 3 questions answered each.....

    I have a Three Samsung S4 on Lollipop. I'm obviously aware it's a 2 year old phone and in tech terms that makes it almost archaic but I'm looking to speed it up a bit as it does lag now and then as if the processor is struggling to keep up as when I kill all apps it seems to catch up again. I've tried disabling animations etc.

    So if I root it and change to Cyanogenmod is that likely to eliminate or reduce these lags, providing I keep the animations, live wallpapers etc off (which I don't use anyway)?

    Also as I'm new to rooting (I know people say if you don't know what you're doing you ought to avoid having to root your phone however I'm confident I can follow instructions) I apologise if I'm asking a silly/obvious question but I'm assuming all apps from Google Play will still be available other than those such as banking apps etc that require an unrooted phone, is that correct?

    Finally I'm aware that security risks are higher when a phone is rooted, but are those risks reduced at all by the fact the it has pretty decent antivirus and antimalware?

    Thanks in advance
    12-12-2015 11:07 PM
  2. Icone's Avatar
    Well i'll try to resume it as much as possible. I have an S4 and it is fast and stable, and yes it's rooted.

    Rooting your phone is a way to make your phone way faster because you can change it all. You can simply remove system apps that you don't use, or install CyanogenMod Roms that are usually clean of all the Samsung Crappy apps, or a clean TouchWiz Rom (Samsung Stock rom is TouchWiz based). The first option may work and might not work, if you have too many things in your phone memory is useless because you're phone is heavy loaded and don't have much memory left (consider using online storage to avoid having too much stuff in you're mobile, like Mega cloud system).

    Second option is a good choice, CM Roms are lightweight and super fast, you need root and a custom recovery to be able to install them, and you can be sure that they are reliable (a few one's might have bugs depending on the development stage but check them out).

    The third option (the one I'm currently using) is to use a TW(TouchWiz) ROM. I have a ROM that is simply a Samsung based ROM that had all the Crapppy Samsung Apps and Stuff ripped off to make a faster and smoother ROM.

    I advise you to first study the options, learn how to root your phone, and read a few threads that talk about it. You can find the main Galaxy S4 thread on XDA Developers (my Nº1 source for info and custom Rom's) and there you have all the info you need, ROM's, guides, etc...
    I'm relatively new here on AndroidCentral but i'm registered on XDA for a good time.

    Good Luck and Merry Christmas!
    12-25-2015 12:25 AM

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