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    So hard to explain how I got into all this but was trying to jailbreak the phone to take onto the T-Mobile network to use for overseas data and then hotspot it. Basically it will only boot to recovery mode (Power + Home + Down Volume) and Odin can see it. Keep getting an error trying to put any Rom on it Fail (Auth). Looking at the phone data I have the following on screen during the Odin process:

    Product Name: SGH-I1337
    Current Binary: Samsung Official
    System Status: Custom
    Knox Kernel Lock: 0x0
    Knox Warranty Void 0x1
    CSB-Config-Lsb: 0x30
    Secure Download: Enable
    Write Protection: Enable
    eMMC Burst Mode enabled

    In red...
    Start [224,1440]
    SW Rev. Check Fail : fused : 5, Binary : 1
    Secure Magiccode Check Fail : recovery

    Before screwing all this up (this is my first time), it's had 5.01 on it. Seems like the Write protection enabled is a problem but no clue how to resolve. Will not boot into the OS anymore, shows "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again".

    Any assistance is appreciated... I'm WAY over my head (first time trying to put custom rom on).
    04-13-2016 09:36 PM

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