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    Long story short: Is there a stable and updated rom (Nougat) for my S4? Specifically, for the camera where all of pro mode works (shutter speed, iso, focus, etc)

    I really loved how you can mess with the somewhat manual mode of the S7 Edge, it's ALMOST like having a dslr. (It's not the same, I know) But since that I have no money to buy either, I resort on starting a quest on finding a rom specifically for the camera of my GS4.

    And also I don't know much sh*t about programming, source codes or whatever you call it when you make roms or rooting or stuff. (My GS4 is unrooted btw) I'm somewhat paranoid that I'm going to brick my one and only smartphone and resort to my old old old nokia.

    Any help or info on my quest or some short basic lessons on android stuff is highly appreciated. Thanks
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    05-26-2017 03:26 AM
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    You can try DLSR Camera app its a start not the best at android ☺
    07-14-2017 01:23 PM

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