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    Help! I think I've bricked my phone!

    I was trying to flash a new ROM which would allow my SAMSUNG GALAXY SHV-E330K phone to be converted to SAMSUNG GALAXY GT-I9506 which would allow me to remove some stupid bloatware and gain root access.

    I went as far as installing new ROM from the CWM recovery and rebooting the device.

    However, something went direly wrong and my device was just stuck in the company logo - Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A.

    I've literally waited 30 mins and nothing happened.

    I realised I was stuck in bootloop so I Iooked up some solutions. All of it told me to "wipe dalvik cache" and etc but the real problem is I've lost access to the CWM recovery mode as well. Whenever I try to enter the recovery mode (using that "volume up + home + power button") it enters that "download mode" not the "CWM recovery mode" - where you could flash new ROM from zip and etc.

    I really regret for what I have done and I would really like my phone back to its normal state.

    IS there ANY way I could get my phone working?

    I would would really REALLY appricate your help.
    07-14-2017 11:27 PM

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