1. rinopoli's Avatar
    I've been looking over the internet how to solve this and I've seen it happened also to some S4s.
    Happened with a 3/4 full battery with the phone in my pocket or just resting on a table. Every 1/2 days.
    Any idea on the things to do to get rid of this problem? The phone is new and no weird app installed.
    It's pretty annoying since I cannot rely on the phone...
    08-29-2013 05:56 PM
  2. BullGuard8's Avatar
    that's strange my S4 Zoom doesn't do that. I'm on Jelly Bean 4.2.2
    08-30-2013 05:39 AM
  3. rinopoli's Avatar
    same Android version, nothing weird done to the phone which I've had for less than a month now.
    Will try to change SD, or battery if that doesn't work. I'm really happy about the phone if it could just stop doing it... damn
    08-30-2013 01:03 PM
  4. rinopoli's Avatar
    there was a kernel update this week but it happened again, the phone got really hot and then shut down
    this is soooooo annoying!!
    09-07-2013 03:20 PM
  5. csn187's Avatar
    Take it back or give samsung a ring

    Posted via Android Central App
    09-17-2013 07:30 AM
  6. Alextodd1's Avatar
    First check with some other good known battery that it does the same or not, if things remain same then you should better upgrade your OS. Anyways, did it ever encountered some moisture or any water?
    10-07-2013 09:50 AM
  7. KoukiFC3S's Avatar
    I haven't had that issue. I would exchange it.

    Posted via Android Central App
    11-12-2013 10:27 PM
  8. ShackledOrphan's Avatar
    I am having this issue as well.

    At&t s4 4.2.2 mf3 1337 ....except mine has been rooted. I've had the phone for not even a month. I haven't done much to the phone, only rooted for a few basic operations. Has been running smooth up-until today, today it shut down twice randomly with plenty of battery power. It doesn't restart, I have to manually turn the phone on. The first time I wasn't able to turn my phone back on for a few minutes, odd. And the second time was around 10 minutes ago, it just randomly shut off. After holding the power button to turn the s4 on the stock boot up screen appears. Holy crud, it literally just happened again as I was typing this. This time its on the charger.....Sigh quite annoying. But yeah, the stock boot screen appears instead of the rooted "Samsung Custom" screen with the unlocked padlock image. Once I get to the password I get an "updated" blip that appears (updated time and date, I believe), yet I see no other changes to my phone. I ran rootchecker and it says I'm still rooted and I'm on the same firmware/ect, no update.

    Some other threads I've read mention the exact same problem I'm experiencing 98% of them haven't been rooted and they are fairly new phones (months old). A few peeps posted that it was a battery problem and to check to see if its expanding/bulging, which mine isn't. These other threads haven't confirmed a solution, I was curious if anyone in this thread has found an answer to this highly annoying/recent problem?

    12-11-2013 12:36 AM

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