1. NZDoug's Avatar
    Image file will save to 64 SD card once, then revert to 8 original supplied card on the next photo
    I know that I dont have enough space to load a new radio app. but my 64 gb card has 59 gb available.
    All the images are saved to the 8gb card.
    How can I get the images onto the 64gb card and getting new files rto go into the 64.

    I love this camera phone.
    If it had a sync post for external flash on could shoot commercial studio work.
    05-25-2015 03:54 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    1. The 8GB "card" is probably named "sdcard" - that's internal storage, just a folder named sdcard (it's usually somewhere like emulated/0/sdcard). The card you plugged in, the 64GB one, is usually named something like extSdCard (and usually located at /mnt/extSdCard).

    2. Where pictures are saved is set by the camera app. If the app you use doesn't have a setting for that use a different app. A Better Camera is a pretty good one (it's free).

    3. Apps install to internal storage, even if you set the default to external. (They install to internal storage, then pieces are moved to the external card, and links are left in internal storage pointing to where the pieces are. Not all parts of an app can run from the external card, not all apps can have any part of them run from the card, and if there are a lot of pieces smaller than the links, moving the app to the external card takes more internal storage than leaving the app in internal storage.)

    As for flash, you can get external flashes that are triggered by the internal flash. That's been available in the camera industry for decades - almost as long as electronic flash has. They trigger and flash a lot faster than the shutter speed of the camera, so they flash while the shutter is still open. You can use them as additional flash, to extend the range (the internal flash on most cameras isn't any use past about 5 feet), side-fill - anything. (I've seen shoots with 5-10 external flashes to flatten the lighting out.) As long as you're not shooting a very fast exposure (and you usually don't in a phone), the flash-triggered flashes work fine.
    05-25-2015 04:53 PM
  3. NZDoug's Avatar
    Hi Rukbat,
    The software that Im using is the original software installed by Samsung.
    Can I save to the external card with this software?
    If I go to preferences on the camera I get the options of saving to
    1) phone
    2) memory card.
    If I set it to “memory card” I take a picture and get
    Cannot be saved to external card” or similar and the phone reverts back to saving to the 8GB one.
    So if I download a new camera operating system app”A BETTER CAMERA” it will do it, correct?

    I don’t mind dumping the original images in the camera as they are available on my Dropbox.
    So should I trash them?
    Is there an easy way to do this?

    I knew about flashes working off flash sensors but think a sync post would be “sweet as”.
    05-25-2015 09:54 PM

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