1. jephanie's Avatar
    To me, the GS4's TouchWiz is cartoonish looking but I can live with it. The AMOLED screens suck in bright sunlight but I don't live at the beach or in the desert southwest. The HTC One is not going to be released on VZW, so my choice will be between the GS4 and whatever Motorola/Google and HTC eventually do release by the 3rd quarter.

    My son and I currently have the VZW Galaxy Nexus. The radios in that thing suck and the battery life suffers dramatically as a result. A friend of mine has a GS3 and his appears to be marginally better. So whatever phone I/we get next will absolutely have to have strong radios.

    That being said, is it me or does Samsung typically have comparatively poor radios? Is there any reason to expect "better" radios in the GS4?
    03-17-2013 09:17 AM
  2. dplane's Avatar
    I agree. While I live in an urban area with excellent signal, i do tend to move in and out of poor reception zones, either geographically or within buildings. Based on personal experience Moto and HTC are king when to comes to radio strength. Now I will say that the Galaxy Nexus is probably not a good device to hold up in this battle as it seems to be particularly that Sammy model so many folks have had issues with and not as much with the other models. Sadly the device is high profile enough that also on my end it raises some concerns about what tbe SGS4 would be like on that front. Like many, my future upgrade could be down to the GS4 and One. I hope AC will give some attention to the radio strength, and with it in call audio quality and download and upload speed.
    03-17-2013 10:02 AM

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