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    So I am making the jump, like many of you, from phone to phone and one thing I've wondered about with the GS4 is just how much control should we as consumers expect over some features on the new device? I'm coming from the distant land of 3vo and its battery sucking bloat apps, and I'm hoping that the gs4 will give me more control over which ones are constantly active and not. My friends who have the gs3 enjoy a pretty decent battery life with what I would consider to be moderately heavy use and I'd like to see the same. I just worry that the gesture controls/screen upgrades/various other features(ambiguous i know), will leave me in the same boat I'm in now, carrying a second charger and praying every day. tl:dr WAAAAH MY BATTERY WAAAH
    03-26-2013 02:24 PM

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