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    I was cruising eBay this morning looking for some new case options while I wait for my Spigen Neo Hybrid Reventon Yellow case next month. I found many listings for the GS4 GT-I9500 international model of course those say Pre-order/Pre-Sale so they won't get yanked as quickly, but people are actually buying them without a product officially available. The real crazy listing are for Verizon Galaxy S4's 16GB version and Verizon has yet to even announce the phone, a ship date or anything else. The Verizon listing says April 26-May 2013 which is optimistic given Verizon's typical 1 year release between major phones. Again why do people buy into these pre-sale/pre-order eBay deals. You can get one for full retail once Verizon puts them up for sale and they won't be on back order or the fake constrained availability like some other phones.
    04-07-2013 11:42 AM

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