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    Galaxy S4 19500 Exynos Version Review (Translated to English)

    Also shows a lot of the features and photos for both versions

    Key Points

    Of the benefits - in the version of the processor Octa video playback rose to 12.5 hours (depending on the codec), which is about 25 percent more than for the Galaxy S3 or the second version Galaxy S4. The second point relates to the fact that web browsing has become the most voracious function, regardless of the device (using the Chrome browser leads to dire consequences - are planted in front of the battery, the standard browser consumes at least two times less energy for the same level backlight ).

    With my typical use Galaxy S3 live up to 3-4 pm (Galaxy Note II until late in the evening). In the case of Galaxy S4 I got while working almost at the level of Galaxy Note II, which is surprising given the smaller size of the battery (there really and smaller screen size).

    The need to use the first wave of the decision to launch Snapdragon 600 is due to the fact that in this case, the company immediately receives support LTE. In its own processor Octa it is not until August 2013. With the support LTE users at the same time lose some performance (Octa wins and visible in the synthetic tests), as well as time-consuming job (here the difference between 10 percent and above). In general we can say that the Exynos was more productive (this is a blow to HTC One, which uses a Snapdragon 600).
    04-24-2013 07:40 PM

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