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    I can't believe it Went to Best Buy Mobile (Thank you to member that mentioned it to me!) and was able to get my S4 today.. I was torn between the note 2 and this.. but I saw this as a sign when I called that I was supposed to get the S4

    I'm also coming from iPhone 4S and I'm a little familiar with android (I had the Note 2 for 2 weeks before I returned it because 1) I thought we were going to switch service providers 2) it was a tad bit bigger than I hoped lol but I was willing to work with it).. anywho.. I will miss the S-Pen on that thing, but the Camera and all the bells and whistles of this S4 will make up for it

    Anywho, they couldn't transfer over my contacts.. so I'm wondering is there an easy way to transfer contacts from my iPhone to my S4?

    On the Note 2 boards they did mention Doubletwist (for music?), but i'm not sure i'd want to pay $5 right now.. if I can do transfering free - i'll try that first!

    I'm hoping to also transfer pictures and Media afterwards (hoping to get my SD Card in the mail in the next few days.. so this can kind of wait lol.. But i'll also need to know what's the best way to transfer music (free preferrably!) I'm wanting to KEEP my playlists though because I have so many and I'd hate to drag and drop every single song etc..

    I'm way too excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    04-26-2013 06:26 PM

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